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Solar Invertor

The stand alone PV system provides 24 hour power. The solar panel generates electricity which is stored in the battery bank. The inverter supply electricity from battery bank to the appliances. The design and size of the solar PV system is as per the load demand.

The power available from the sun is free from power cuts. Now with solar power plant, the electricity can be supplied to remote areas easily.

Solar power inverter are available from 500 watt to 5 Kw and more..


  • 100% clean source of power
  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environment friendly
  • Simple to install. Very low maintenance
  • Electricity generated is FREE
  • Hedge against the rate hike
  • MOre than 20 yrs of life
  • simple to upgrade as the demand increases.

  • Farm houses
  • Townships and villages
  • Residential