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Solar Hoarding Lighting

M/s.VS Enviorteh Pvt. Ltd. offers cost effective Solar Hoarding light. We design solar hoarding lighting system as custom engineered to produce the most effective lighting system for each particular project depending on size, location and area environment.

Solar hoarding reduces the high installation and operation cost. For instance, to install a traditional hoarding lighting system, you will have to pay for the lighting fixtures, the wiring, the electrical connection, the electrical materials, re-landscaping the wire from the sign to the nearest power transformer or DG set.

You have to engage someone for daily operating the system and for maintenance. You will also have to pay every month for the electricity that you use to light the sign each night and for maintenance.

A solar hoarding light, on the other hand, is extremely affordable, with very low installation costs, and almost negligible maintenance. It will be operate automatically (dust to dawn).

Your only up-front costs are the costs of the system (materials) and the labor to install the system. Within just a few years, the solar hoarding light will have saved you enough money to have completely paid for itself.

Sl. No.

Hoarding Dimensions

Light Source

Solar Panels

Charge Controller


Backup Source


20’ x 10’




150Ah/12V x 2



40’ x 20’




150Ah/12V x 2




  • Cost Effective – 100% Sun Powered – No Electricity Bills.
  • No Power Cable.
  • 24 Hrs Uninterrupted Power Supply.


  • Hoarding Lights. 
  • Highway Signs.
  • Gate and main Entrance Sign.