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LED Streetlights

 We provide the best solution for wireless standalone loghting system for illumination. SOlar LED lights are environment friendly and have longer life. Our lights give high intensity of light at very low power consumption. Our lights also protect the environment as these are without ultravioler and harmful radiation.

The lights are ideally suitable for main roads, streets, parking area, unmanned locations and security areas etc.

The lights give trouble free operation year after years.


  • A-Grade quality solar module
  • 30-50 watt LED
  • 6-8 mtrs pole height
  • 15-20 meter distance between 2 pole.
  • >25 lux on the floor
  • No maintenance VRLA batteries
  • Charge controller: intelligent Digital Light & Time Sensor
  • Working hours: 9hours per daywith 3-5 overcast rainy days
  • 100% clean source of energy
  • Environment friendly
  • Simple to install. Very low maintenance.